Yearly Archives: 2015

Jack and Sally

During inktober, I posted a picture of Jack Skellington from the Nightmare Before Christmas. @robmonroe, whom I use to work with, shared that his sister loves that movie and asked for a picture of Jack and Sally. Below is the picture I finished today that I will be sending to Rob.

Inktober Recap and Final Drawings

This October, I have drawn as much as I have ever have in a single month. I have Inktober to thank in large part to that. Although I didn’t get to draw as much as I wanted to, due to life having it’s own plans, It was still my most productive artistic time period to date. By […]

Inktober 2015

I recently discovered a new way for me to stretch and grow my artistic abilities, Inktober. Inktober is a drawing challenge created by Illustrator Jake Parker, who started it as a way to force himself to become better drawing with ink. I decided to try Inktober and so that I can learn where my opportunities with inking exist and hopefully get better through daily practice.

5 Ways Barnes & Noble Can Stay Alive

Becoming a more disciplined and consistent reader over the last two years, I have been going to Barnes & Noble a lot. In the last month I have been there every week. I will probably stop by B&N this weekend as well, looking for a book on how to setup a corporation. I don’t go […]

How Bad Do You Want It?

Is there something in your life that you have put off or wanted bad yet you’ve never been able to commit to it or achieve it? For me, it has been the goal of becoming an accomplished artist. Over the last 12 years, I have had an on again off again relationship with creating art. […]